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    The following tours can be booked on the dates of your choice for groups from 15 people (25 people/group maximum).


    - Highlights of the Museum
    This tour is a way to time travel through the most emblematic paintings and sculptures of the Musée Granet, from the Medieval period to Modern Art.

    - Ancient Art Gallery
    From the Italian and Flemish primitives to the Baroque, and the Renaissance to Classicism, this tour explores the diversity of artistic production - historical and religious painting, genre scenes, portraiture, landscapes and still lives - in Europe at this period.

    - From Cézanne to Giacometti
    The tour focuses on the influence of Cezanne on 20th century modern art, with works by Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti Fernand Léger, Piet Mondrian, Paul Klee, Nicolas de Staël, and Tal Coat.

    - Granet and the 19th Century Artists
    In the footsteps of François-Marius Granet and his friend Jean-Auguste- Dominique Ingres, this tour brings us into the XXth century atmosphere, between Classicism and Romanticism.

    - From Picasso to Dubuffet
    Site : Jean Planque Collection, Chapel of the White Penitents, Place Jean-Boyer (top of rue du Maréchal Joffre) à Aix-en-Provence
    Given inside the 17th Chapel of the White Penitents, this tour recounts the story of Swiss collector Jean Planque, and presents how his friendship with different modern artists spawned his collection.


    Jean Daret. Painter of the King in Provence (15 June - 29 September 2024)
    In summer 2024, the Musée Granet will present the first retrospective exhibition devoted to Jean Daret (1614-1668), a major 17th-century Provencal Baroque painter who specialized in decorating homes and numerous churches and convents.This exhibition will showcase the artist's most important works, including paintings, drawings and engravings. They will be accompanied by paintings by the great masters of the century, both Parisian (Jacques Blanchard) and Provençal (Nicolas Mignard and Reynaud Levieux or Gilles Garcin).



    From 15 people (25 people/group maximum)

    Entrance fee (reduced rate) /person +

    -1 hour visit with a museum guide: €70/group
    - Visit with an outside guide (right to speak*): €37/group for (compulsory) audio tour hire.
    *Upon presentation of a professional guide card or a National education card. Please ask for tours in foreign languages.

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