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    Cézanne at the musée Granet

    A native of Provence, the father of modern art enjoys pride of place in the museum’s exhibition spaces, once by explored the artist himself.

    Paul Cézanne devant son atelier des Lauves à Aix-en-Provence Photo Gertrude Osthaus, avril 1906

    The museum has ten paintings by Paul Cézanne and the artist enjoys a special place in its collections. Among the masterworks displayed in this room are a painting produced prior to his monumental versions of The Bathers, an early still life, a Portrait of Madame Cézanne, a work in tribute to Delacroix, and a recent addition to the museum’s collections - the Portrait of Zola..

    The museum’s collection of masterworks by Paul Cézanne provides a concise history of the Aix-born painter’s artistic career. Six of the artist’s watercolours and several his drawings and engravings are also conserved in the museum’s storerooms.

    I am the primitive of a new art.

    Paul Cézanne

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