The communaute du pays d’aix and the reunion des musees nationaux-grand palais

A strong and lasting partnership

The Communauté du Pays d’Aix (CPA) has renewed its confidence in the expertise of the Réunion des musées nationaux-Grand Palais (Rmn – GP) by signing a framework agreement binding both organisations until 2017.

2006 TO 2017

This agreement builds on the success of previous exhibitions co-organised by the CPA and Rmn – GP at the Musée Granet.

With 450,000 visitors to Cézanne en Provence in 2006, 371,000 visitors to Picasso Cézanne in 2009, and 242,000 visitors to Le Grand Atelier du Midi, de Cézanne à Matisse in 2013, the partnerships between the teams from Aix-en-Provence and the Rmn – GP have produced extremely positive results. After renewing their partnership, they will co-produce exhibitions at the Musée Granet, and develop the museum to an even higher standard as an “associate museum” of the Rmn - GP.

The RMN – GP : a recognised cultural operator

The Rmn-GP shares its expertise and experience of organising exhibitions, publishing, cultural mediation, communication and sponsorship research with the CPA and the Musée Granet. It also makes available its network, professional skills and leading-edge technology applied to multimedia resources, collection digitalization, and other services. Building on their combined strengths, the CPA and the Rmn – GP organise one international exhibition every three years, consolidating the Musée Granet’s position as one of the region’s leading establishments.