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Jean and Suzanne Planque

Seventies, Jean et Suzanne Planque
Seventies, Jean et Suzanne Planque

Following his retirement in 1972, Jean Planque began to look for ways of keeping his collection together for future generations. “There may be no great masterworks in my collection, but there’s nothing vulgar in it either,” he liked to say. Three years after the death of his wife, Suzanne, and desirous to help others share in his exceptional artistic adventure, he set up the Jean and Suzanne Planque Foundation. Launched on 13 March 1997, its aim is to “conserve the works collected by Jean Planque and to raise awareness of them by all appropriate means.”

Following the death of Jean Planque in an accident in 1998, his works were inventoried and restored, and contacts made with a view to organising exhibitions and loaning out the collection for an extended period to an institution worthy of its name.

From 2000 to 2010, the foundation organised a European exhibition tour of museums and galleries where Jean Planque would have wished to see his collection displayed.

The aim of the foundation is to promote the name and ideas of Jean Planque by loaning out his works and supporting exhibitions and publications that promote artists featured in the collection.